The Scottish Harp Society of America (SHSA) awards a travel scholarship to the Journeyman or Master whose performance and scholarship application are judged to show achievement and serious interest in the study of Scottish harp.

This scholarship is to be used toward a study trip to Scotland or to a recognized Scottish harp course in the United States or Canada. The scholarship must be executed within 18 months of award. If the first place winner is unable to make use of the scholarship, it will be awarded to the runner-up. The scholarship may not be awarded to an individual more than once. The scholarship recipient will be required to submit an article and publish a harp arrangement in the Kilt & Harp.

Competitors wishing to compete for the scholarship must submit the information described below.

Cover Letter

Please include the following information.

Zip Code:
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Circle skill level: Journeyman/Master
Applicant's Signature
I understand that if I win, I will be required to submit an article and
publish a harp arrangement in the Kilt & Harp. yes / no

Written Essay

Please include the following information. You are welcome to use as many pages as you would like.

Please return completed essay by e-mail at least 4 weeks prior to the national competition to the Competition Chair

The location for the 2009 National Competition are the Ohio Scottish Games, at the Lorain County Fairgrounds.

Somerset Harp Festival Scholarship

As part of its mission to promote the playing of traditional music on the harp, The somerset Folk Harp Festival is creating a scholarship program in conjunction with the Scottish Harp Society of America. The scholarship is part of the prize that will be awarded to the over aged 12 winner at the Apprentice level at the National Scottish Harp Championship of America in 2009, which is organized by the SHSA at the Ohio Scottish Games in Wellington Ohio in June. The recipient will receive a full festival registration package to study harp in the comprehensive Celtic studies track at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.

Festival Director Kathy De Angelo said “I want to motivate harpers to earn the scholarship, which will not only elevate their own playing level but encourage them to promote traditional music.” By partnering with the Scottish Harp Society of America, she said, “we both achieve our goals.” SHSA President Jen Narkevicius said, “The Somerset Folk Harp Festival is a rich environment with incredible musicians allowing our winner to an excellent learning opportunity. SHSA is pleased to be selected to award this Somerset scholarship.”

The Somerset Folk Harp Festival, now in its ninth year, will be held in Alexandria, Virginia, from July 9-12th. This year it features a newly crafted Celtic studies segment which includes renowned Scottish harper and composer William Jackson. For more information on the festival, contact Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637 or see the website .

St. Andrew's Society of Pittsburgh Scholarship

The St. Andrew's Society of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Tartan Day Celebration Committee wish to promote Scottish heritage and its traditions by offering scholarships in the amount of $150.00 to young people, 21 years of age and under, in the Scottish arts.

These scholarships are open to all students actively studying in any of the Scottish arts. A student wishing to be considered for scholarship money must complete the application form forwarded with this letter and return it as directed. A talented beginner will be considered equally with a more experienced student. If the student has had several years experience and has performed at St. Andrew's Society or Tartan Day events, this information should be noted on the application. Having received a scholarship in the past should not deter the student from applying again, although a new applicant will be given preference. It should also be noted that "need" of costumes, supplies, and/or musical instruments will be given consideration along with workshop attendance. We hope that teachers and parents will assist the student in preparing the application to make sure that all of the required information is included.

It is hoped that good circulation of this application through instructors, teachers and schools will allow it to reach many students that are interested and deserving of help in furthering their studies. Applications must be post marked by April 8, 2009. Members of the Scholarship Committee will review the applications and award scholarships in May based on the information received.

Please make as many copies of the application as you wish. If you have any questions I can be reached at 412-851-9900 or

St. Andrew's Society of Pittsburgh
David L. Peet, Scholarship Chair